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Created to help investors and advisors better manage risk so they can reach their investment goals

Summit Global Investments (SGI) grew out of the Great Financial Crisis of 2008. Families, individuals, and institutions alike were concerned; they realized they needed professional risk management to help protect their assets.

Today, we are an independently-owned, SEC-registered Investment advisor headquartered in Bountiful, Utah. We offer professional investment management to institutions, endowments and foundations, family offices, and individuals.

We Care.

Today’s market can change rapidly, creating a higher awareness of and need for risk management.

Our goal is to position your portfolio for success. We believe its crucial for you to understand the risks in your portfolio, so it can better perform as you hope.

WATCH THE VIDEO   Founder Dave Harden talks about professional risk management, SGI’s origin and vision for the future.

What’s Behind SGI’s Managed Risk Approach?

  • Members of our investment team are among the best in the industry. They have deep professional experience.

  • We are active managers, avoiding index mimicry. Our focus is on helping investors avoid risk and keep on track toward their goals.

  • Our award-winning process manages both downside risk and upside potential, company by company, and in combination.

  • SGI’s proprietary Managed Risk ApproachTM minimizes surprises through its critical focus on managing unforeseen risks.

Deep research creates a mosaic of each opportunity.

01 RISK Gain deep knowledge of every company we own and how all our portfolio companies work together.

02 RETURN Understand the potential for gain from each company.

03 OPTIMIZE Build the lowest risk portfolio with the best return potential.

04 IDIOSYNCRASIES Evaluate company from all angles to uncover potential issues.

How much risk you should take in the market today depends on what’s happening in the market cycle. We consider which factors do well in an expanding vs. a contracting market, how each particular company might be affected - and so much more.

With a quantitative lens, we analyze both the potential for risk as well as total return for each investment. SGI’s multi-factor alpha model is unique; it has not one, but multiple optimizers that help build the portfolio that’s right for each investor.

Equally important are a company’s fundamentals and the risks that don’t appear in its numbers.

Our research professionals dive deep looking for the possibility of management changes, legal challenges, aggressive accounting, and other issues. We focus on uncovering these critical risks that can affect the ongoing life of a company and the impact they could have on your asset growth.

Finally, at SGI, we are committed to continually enhancing our process by adding factors, finding new data sources, and actively supporting our research team.

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